Civil Litigation Solicitors

Life doesn’t always go as planned and no one wishes to look for problems.

However, sometimes problems come to us. When it happens, it affects our lives and people around us. When a problem comes to you, please pass it on to us, we will provide solutions for you.

No case is too small to us and no case is too big to us. You have a case, it is our case.

We provide the following services:

  • General Civil Litigation
  • Financial Dispute Resolutions proceedings
  • Child Arrangement Orders proceedings
  • Divorce proceedings

“Ennon & Co Solicitors are a uniquely diverse and dynamic team delivering outstanding results for their clients. Get in touch with these guys should you ever find yourself in any kind of trouble. They do it all!”


We are by your side, solving your legal problems

At Ennon Solicitors we work as a single united team with clients from the UK and around the world and we give our clients the highest quality advice possible.